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Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth Restoration Mosman

Missing Teeth Treatment

Missing teeth, a common oral woe, can stem from gum/bone disease, dental decay, or unfortunate accidents.

Imagine your teeth as a sturdy building. Gum and bone issues are like sneaky termites, weakening the foundation, potentially causing the building to shake. Extensive dental decay is like losing the bricks in a wall, making it wobbly and less functional and accidents act as unexpected wrecking balls, smashing into the structure.

  • Dental implants offer an excellent solution for replicating the natural look and function of a single or multiple teeth seamlessly.
  • Dentures provide a reliable solution for multiple missing teeth.
  • Dental bridges also serve as an effective solution, particularly in areas where adjacent teeth need reinforcement.

Allowing gaps in your dental lineup can result in neighbouring teeth shifting, increased risk of gum disease, and potential tooth decay. It's like leaving a gap in a fence – problems can sneak through.

The ancient Mayans were known to replace missing teeth with pieces of shell or bone. Thankfully, modern dentistry offers more reliable solutions!

We prioritise elevating your smile with uncompromising quality and affordability.