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Wisdom Toothache

Wisdom Toothache Treatment Mosman

Wisdom Toothache Treatment

Wisdom toothache, akin to a stealthy intruder, quietly manifests as the third molars emerge.

The pain often stems from the back of the jaw due to improper positioning, impaction, or complications arising during the eruption process.

Addressing wisdom toothache involves a spectrum of treatments. Minor discomfort may be alleviated with localised Periodontal Treatment, while more severe cases may necessitate professional intervention. Wisdom teeth extraction is a common solution to mitigate pain and prevent future issues.

Neglecting wisdom toothache can lead to persistent discomfort, swelling, and heightened risks of infection. The proximity of wisdom teeth to other structures may result in misalignment or damage to neighbouring teeth if left unattended.

Approximately 35% of the global population experiences discomfort or pain associated with wisdom teeth, emphasising the prevalence of this dental concern. Seeking timely intervention ensures optimal oral health and mitigates potential complications.

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