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Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive Treatment Mosman

Sensitive Teeth Treatment

Sensitive teeth, akin to a dental alarm system, occur when the tooth’s sensitive inner layer, the dentin, is exposed.

The dentin layer of the tooth, rich in nerve endings, becomes a hotspot for sensitivity once exposed. This exposure can occur due to a range of factors, including decay, tooth wear and grinding habits which result in a breach of the protective enamel layer. Understanding the diverse causes of dentine exposure highlights the importance of proactive dental care in maintaining enamel integrity and adverting tooth sensitivity.

Think of it as providing a cozy blanket for your teeth – desensitizing agents like sensitive toothpaste can help. Fillings for minor cases and root canal treatment with crowns for major cases address the root cause.

Ignoring sensitive teeth is like ignoring a persistent alarm – the discomfort will escalate. Addressing it early prevents further aggravation.

Tooth sensitivity is more prevalent in people aged 20 to 50, with a higher incidence among women.

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