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Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay Treatment Mosman

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is like a stealthy invader, quietly damaging teeth through the buildup of dental plaque and exposure to sugars in the diet.

Dental plaque, a sticky film of bacteria, interacts with sugars to produce acid. Without proper oral hygiene, this acid slowly erodes enamel, leading to cavities.

Treatment options range from fillings for minor cavities to root canal treatment with crowns  for more severe cases. In extreme cases, extraction may be necessary, followed by options like implants or dental bridges.

Neglecting tooth decay can result in nerve damage, causing intense toothache. The infection can spread, affecting nearby tissues and potentially leading to serious complications.

Nearly 2.4 billion people worldwide suffer from untreated tooth decay, making it one of the most prevalent health conditions.

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