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Grinding / Clenching

Teeth Grinding or Clenching Mosman

Grinding or Clenching Treatment

Grinding or clenching, medically termed bruxism causes TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) issues which can wreak havoc on teeth and jaws. Stress, sleep disorders, smoking, and alcohol consumption often play a role in this dental dilemma.

Bruxism isn't solely a bad habit; stress, sleep troubles, and lifestyle choices contribute. Smoking and alcohol can intensify the problem, turning nighttime grinding into a daytime headache.

Addressing teeth damage involves traditional dentistry with fillings or crowns. However, for muscle and jaw issues, a nightguard can act as a protective ally. In some cases, injections provide relief by relaxing the tense jaw muscles.

Unchecked grinding can result in more than just a sore jaw. Pain from TMJ, restricted mouth movement, and escalating dental damage can become unwelcome companions.

Bruxism can exert a force of up to 250 pounds of pressure on the teeth.

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