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Check-Up and Clean

Mosman Dentist Checkup and Clean

Dental Check-Up and Clean Mosman

Check-up and cleans play a pivotal role in maintaining optimal oral health, preventing potential complications, and fostering a healthy and confident smile.

A routine check-up and clean, including a comprehensive dental examination and dental scaling, is generally recommended every six months to ensure optimal oral health.

Your check up and clean appointment is to address any dental issues that may concern you and help prevent potential complications, allowing for early detection and intervention.

The duration and frequency may vary based on individual needs. It begins with discussing specific concerns such as sensitivity, staining, or pain. A thorough screening then covers the outside of the mouth, including TMJ, lips, and facial sinuses, and soft tissues inside the mouth, screening for oral cancer or other concerns. The teeth are checked for any cavities, wear or cracks. The gums are checked for gum disease, recession and infection. X-rays, generally taken every two years, provide a detailed view under the teeth and gums. Cleaning and tartar removal is done with ultrasonic handpieces to remove plaque and calculus, followed by a paste to remove stain. Fluoride application every six months helps keep the enamel strong. Addressing specific concerns and facilitating discussions about any issues is integral to ensuring a comprehensive and personalised approach to oral health.

Did you know that the most common reason for a toothache is a cavity? Routine check-up and cleans can help prevent cavities and address issues before they lead to discomfort or pain, ensuring a healthier and more comfortable smile.

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