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Dr. Catherine Chen

Dr Catherine Chen Dentist Mosman

Dr. Catherine Chen

As a Principal Dentist at Mosman Smiles Dental, Dr. Catherine Chen brings a unique perspective shaped by her own childhood aversion to dental visits. Driven by a desire to transform this experience for others, she pursued dentistry with a commitment to making dental care more approachable and less intimidating. Her deep compassion is evident in both her professional and volunteer work, as she actively contributes her skills to treat individuals experiencing homelessness, underscoring her dedication to ensuring oral health for all.

Dr. Chen is a firm believer in the power of communication and actively listens to her patients. She recognises the importance of ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard, fostering a patient-centric approach. Beyond diagnoses and treatment plans, Dr. Chen’s favourite aspect of her job is the hands-on work of enhancing smiles and improving the comfort of patients’ chewing and eating experiences. Her mission extends beyond the clinical setting, reflecting a holistic commitment to oral health, empathy, and community service.

Outside Dentistry

Outside of her dedicated patient care, Dr. Catherine Chen finds joy in enriching her personal life. A devoted advocate for work-life balance, she cherishes quality moments with family and friends, creating lasting memories. Dr. Chen is not only skilled in dentistry but also in the culinary arts, enjoying the process of cooking and savouring new recipes. Her creative spirit extends to the realms of painting and photography, where she finds outlets for self-expression and artistic exploration.

Special Interest

Kids Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry

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